Support Services

The support services provided by Department of General Services (Sungai Long Campus) are:

Cleanliness Maintenance

  • Ensure the cleanliness and housekeeping of the campus is being upkeep in order to create  a conducive, clean and healthy environment.


  • Incorporate landscaping into the development design so as to soften the man made environment by providing vegetative buffers, open space and mitigate any unavoidable loss of existing native vegetation. 

Mail and Distribution

  • Commit to provide the University community with professional and quality mail and delivery services.

Pest Control

  • Establish effective pest management monitoring and decisions in carrying out pest control activities.


  • Prepare refreshment for official functions, meetings and events with the aim for utmost customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness.

Telephone Services

  • Establish customers ultimate satisfaction through providing ample information and the necessary directional assistance required.


  • Ensure a uniform, consistent and comprehensive stationery ordering service throughout the campus.


  • Ensure the provision of shuttle bus service is effectively carried out for the benefit of all parties to make each journey a comfortable one.

Venue Allocation

  • Develop initiatives to increase the efficiency and full optimization of teaching rooms, lecture theaters and space usage.
  •    Booking  of Classroom Form

Waste Management

  • Develop a comprehensive plan in establishing effective methods in disposing of all types of waste so as to create a safe and healthy environment to all buildings and grounds of the University.